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Welcome to the Indiana Environmental Health Association home page!  This organization began officially in 1951 as the “Indiana Association of Sanitarians”. A group of 56 sanitarians came from all over the State of Indiana to organize an association that they felt was needed.  Their intended goal was to “promote the health and welfare of mankind”.

This was to be done by offering organized meetings, publications, short courses, creating a career path for a Public Health Degree and also establishing a central point for environmental information dissemination.  Membership dues in the newly created Association were $5, and the first meeting was held in June of 1951. One of the first projects was a newsletter.  The second meeting set a precedent on June 24-26, 1952 when it started with registration, address of welcome, residential address and then the afternoon was spent on golf, horseshoes and games and followed with a banquet, much like our current conferences.

Progress has been made since 1951 in many environmental areas.  Food safety has increased with the implementation and refinement over time of various Food Codes with specific codes and violations for food safety issues.  There are now food protection inspectors on various State levels.  Air quality and water quality issues have seen various legislation passed that was aimed at eliminating contamination of air and waterways.  Wastewater disposal has been modernized and continues to evolve to more efficient, effective systems with smaller footprints for septic waste disposal.  Environmentalist programs and degrees at colleges are now sending graduates on a career path with employment in government and private industry.

Progress will continue to be made as continuously changing scientific research reveals new and better ways to deal with environmental issues and the challenges of an evolving natural world.  COVID-19 was a wake-up call as to the fragility of some of our systems, and the power of a tiny enormously contagious virus.  The environmental effects and research efforts caused by the last pandemic will be felt for many years.  Research will continue, such as the latest research showing how COVID transmission is possible even in frozen food, and the ongoing debate on how the virus suddenly arose in a wild animal market.

So now, consider your environmental role today and how your daily efforts add to the impact of environmental health.  Do your efforts help to “promote the health and welfare of mankind”?  Are you active in the Indiana Environmental Health Association?  Do you take that hour every quarter to attend or at least listen to the committee meetings? Do you participate in Chapter events and meetings? When problems arise, can you call your peers for advice and direction? 

This Association exists because a need existed and still exists for an Association that is dedicated to you and to your actual work. You are the backbone and driving force of environmental health in your communities.  Appreciation for your role and efforts may not be widely or freely given, but it is there nonetheless, in the improved health and safety of community and neighbors.

I look forward to serving you as President in 2023. Please always feel free to contact me.


Jennifer Heller

2023 President, Indiana Environmental Health Association

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